Tips to Save on Car Rentals

When you plan on going for a road trip season on another country, you better prepare in advance. Car rentals are now becoming popular in travel industry especially because people don’t want to bring their own car in unfamiliar countries. Many travellers book Kitchener corporate car rentals because they think it’s more efficient. However, the cost usually goes up during the times where people most likely travel, for example, during summer season. Fortunately, we give you tips on how to save on booking rental cars.  

Car Rentals 

Book the Unfamiliar Brands  

Most people book car rentals on popular agencies. Look for agencies not known to everyone because most likely they’re going to have lower costs than the mainstream agencies. You can actually get 15 to 30 percent less rental fees if you book in the brand names unfamiliar to most Americans. Look for car rental agencies in the internet like Sixt that offers discounts if you rent their Mercedes-Benz, BMWs and Volkswagens. For example, their Mercedes-C class can be rented for $40 per day compare to normal rate of $50 charge for an economy car offered by other companies.  

Look for Virtual Discounts 

To save more for your trip; search for coupons and discounts on the internet. You can also type in Google the name of your prospect rental company and its coupon code. Most companies now aside from rental companies, offer virtual discounts to the members of the organizations they’re partner with. Check those websites if you’re a member.  

Always Track the Rates 

There are websites that tracks the rate of car rentals. Do a deep search of the rate tracking site of the country you’re going to visit in. These websites will also allow you to book the rental and apply the discounts it found. This method will help you see if the rate changes on the date of your trip.  

Avoid the Airport 

If you forgot to book before you trip, don’t book car rentals on the airport locations. Off-airport locations have cheaper rates which is approximately 30% less. For example, you might book a car rental that costs $50 per day but then you book it outside airport locations you can cut the costs to $39 per day. Imagine how many dollars you can save for a week by doing this.  

Reserve the Car Longer 

This may not sound likely for you but booking the car and adding extra hours or day will lower the cost. The company will think that you’re booking in for a two-day weekend rental which has lower rates, but returning it early. For example, if you booked a car which costs $35 per day and returning it early and making it to the weekend rates, the rate will drop down by $20.  


We always want to book the best rate there is, but you can still negotiate with the clerk on the counter. You might be able to book a better car depending on the types of car the company has. For example, if you booked an economy car you can ask the clerk if there’s a minivan available and tell him that if there’s any, you’ll get that. You don’t have to pay for the price of minivan.  



2 Reasons to Hire a Professional Caterer for Your Next Event

If you are planning to hold a special party or corporate event, then it’s highly important that you hire a reputable and professional catering service provider to take care of the food, drinks and waiting service for your party. Whether you’re planning to hold anniversary celebrations, ladies’ party, or any other party that is quite special to you, then it’s highly important to make sure that you are able to provide your guests with an outstanding experience through hiring a trustworthy and reputable catering company. So, if you are still in the middle of the decision process whether to hire one or not, lucky you as we will be discussing in this post some of the benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled professional catering service provider.  

Professional Caterer

1. Professional and Experienced Catering Company Have Access to the Right Resources  

One important reason why you need to hire a professional catering service provider is because they all have the right resources needed in a catering service. Unlike what a lot of people think, catering is never easy most especially if you are expecting a large number of guests. The moment you hire a professional and skilled catering service provider, you can be able to make sure that all your goals will be met on time, which means that the guests in your event will not be disappointed.   

Therefore, whether you want to have party platter catering, finger food catering, or appetizer catering, you can be able to make sure that a professional and reliable catering company will give you high-quality services, which will match or even go beyond your expectations. If you want to make your event extra special, make sure to hire a reputable and professional catering company such as St Catharines catering company 

2. Professional Catering Companies Offer Cost-Effective Service 

Contrary to what a lot of people think, hiring a professional catering service expensive is actually not expensive at all. As a matter of fact, you’ll actually save money the moment you hire a professional catering service provider since they often have packages, which are priced according to the budget and needs of their clients. Thus, if you have a tight budget, you’ll still be able to have a great catering package that favors you as well as you can still get high-quality services. Aside from that, the mere fact that they are already experienced and skilled in the catering industry simply means that they will make sure that you get the highest quality service.   

The moment you attempt to supply the catering on your own or if you decide to ask help from someone who’s not quite experienced in providing catering service, there’s a big possibility that you’ll end up spending much more money and time. This is actually the most important reason why it’s important that you hire a professional and highly skilled catering company to supply the food in your event and make your guests enjoy the extra memorable experience. The moment you hire a professional catering company, you will definitely have a very successful event.